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Why Tournaments?

Multiplayer Educational Game Tournaments (MEGs), both virtual and live, are a great way to generate student engagement and motivation, leading to greater achievement and confidence. In fact, our MEG tournaments feel more like sporting events, with screaming fans, cheer squads and serious competition... Check out the video below to see it for yourself!

Tournaments provide a structured learning arena where students can comfortably compete and collaborate, all while improving their academic skills, building school spirit and teamwork.

Tabula Digita has played host to several district-wide MEG events over the years, but the 2010 MEGABOWL season will be the biggest yet, with events scheduled for New York, Florida and Texas. Educators - if you would like to see a MEGABOWL in action, contact sales today!

Click to watch highlights from the 2009 New York City MEGABOWL