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Welcome to the 2010 Austin ISD MEGABOWL!
On April 14, 2010, Tabula Digita, with partners Dell and Intel, hosted the inaugural Austin MEGABOWL Tournament! Students from all over the Austin area convened on the Delco Center to compete for top points and prizes. 16 teams playing DimensionM Multiplayer v3.0 Swarm competed in a single elimination round robin tournament until a new Team champion was crowned!  Also, 10 students played in an Individual Competition of DimensionM Multiplayer v3.0 Meltdown to determine Austin's Individual Student Champion!  After a lot of cheering and intense competition from the best math gamers in the city of Austin, we finally crowned our champions!

Check out some of the great press coverage of this amazing event: 

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The Winners

Team Competition

1st Place: 
Garcia MS (#2)
   2nd Place: 
Garcia MS (#1)
  3rd Place:
Lamar MS
 Cesar M.    Brandon A.    Brandon B.
 Gabriel D.    DaQualyn S.    Travis B.
 Alexis C.    Adalberto M.    Nick F.
Casey B.    Carlos A.    Shawn T.
B.J. B.    Timothy E.    Darius H
   Donovan H.    Ariana M.

Also, a special 3rd place mention goes to the team from the Renaissance Academy.  Thanks to Ali A., Laraib K., Maaz S., Hasan A., Hamza H. and Omar A. for their excellent participation!

Individual Competition

 Place  Name  School
 1st Place  Alfredo H.  Webb MS
 2nd Place  Nada A.  Austin Peace Academy
 3rd Place  Ali A.  Renaissance Academy

Don't forget, even though the tournament is over the games have just begun!  All students can continue to improve their math and gaming skills by downloading the game at home. Click here to download DimensionM Multiplayer v3.0!