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Welcome to the 2010 New York City MEGABOWL!

On March 12, 2010, Tabula Digita, with partners Dell and Intel, hosted the Third Annual New York City MEGABOWL Tournament! Once again, students from all over New York City convened on the Columbia University campus to compete for top points and prizes. Individuals and teams competed by playing Multiplayer v3.0.  This year's event was bigger and better than ever!

Twenty schools from all five New York City boroughs competed in the tournament after over 80 schools and 3500 students vied to qualify for a coveted spot in the event.  Schools were excited to support their students' academic achievements and the hall was packed with over 700 cheering supporters.  Schools showed up with custom-designed t-shirts and posers, and some schools even brought marching bands, cheerleaders and a mascot!

The Event

Once again we had three different student MegaBowl competitions: Middle School Team, Middle School Individual and Elementary School Individual.  We also held an Educator Championship, where 11 teachers and administrators from around the city got to show cheering students their math and gaming skills!

Check out some of the great press coverage of this amazing event:

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The Winners

Middle School Team Competition

1st Place:  IS 230    2nd Place:  IS 30
 Raihan A.    Joseph Z.
 David N.    Mahlek A.
 Nurul H.    Ellie E. 
 Allan P.    Issa A.
 Muhtasim M.    Matthew R.
 Wahhaj S.    Fidel B.

Elementary School Individual Competition
 Place  Name  School
 1st Place  Mclean T.  PS 55 Benjamin Franklin
 2nd Place  Andre H.  PS 312 Bergen Beach
 3rd Place  Saad A.  PS 100 The Coney Island School 

Middle School Individual Competition
 Place  Name  School
 1st Place  Mahlek A.  IS 30 Mary White Ovington
 2nd Place  Mazahidul I.   MS 113 Ronald Edmonds
 3rd Place  Raihan A.  IS 230

Educator Individual Competition
 Place  Name  School
 1st Place  Mr. Wessinger   PS 312 Bergen Beach
 2nd Place  Mr. Baiz  Global Technology Preparatory
 3rd Place  Mr. Goodman.  PS 312 Bergen Beach

Finally, our congratulations also to IS 230, the winner of our Best Spirit competition and to JHS 259, the winner of the Best Sign competition!

Don't forget, even though the tournament is over the games have just begun!  All students can continue to improve their math and gaming skills by downloading the game at home. Click here to download DimensionM Multiplayer v3.0!

Megabowl Contest