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    Video Game Helps Math Students Vanquish an Archfiend: Algebra
    By WINNIE HU. October 2008
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  • Alexandria students compete in math gaming competition

    Two Alexandria students are part of the Interim Education Program and were competing against other students across the country using fast-paced math gaming software developed by Tabula Digita for up to $60,000 in scholarships.

  • "Video game and competition drives students to learn"
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  • "This is like a clean version of Halo, I would play this even out of school." 
    Student (anonymous), Plano School District

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  • "Wow, I downloaded the demo and I couldn't believe how engaged my student was"
    Linda Bean, Computer/Business Teacher, Fishers Island School
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  • "We are thrilled with this game... My eldest son has already finished 12 missions...and this is a person who until recently "hated" math...Thanks!!!"
    Wendy Kelly – Middle School Mom
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  • "It's the best game ever come up with to play at school."
    Student (anonymous), Gregg Middle School, Dorchester, South Carolina
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    Video Games Teaching Students Math
    Students at Gregg Middle School are learning math from a video game system
    Reporter: Courtney Rochon, Producer: Raymond Rivera, February 2010

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