DimensionU games help students practice and develop math and literacy skills in an action-packed, multiplayer video game environment. Use DimensionU to support classroom instruction and reinforce previously taught skills. Quickly move students into being proficient, with DimensionU.

DimensionU is compatible with existing school technology. No expensive hardware upgrades needed.

Teachers App

The DimensionU Teachers App is management tool that offers you a fast and easy way to create gamerooms, set time limits and monitor student progress.

DimensionU Game Environments

DimensionU offers 3 unique game environments to keep students engaged and focused on curriculum. Playable via Chromebooks, Web Browsers and Mobile devices- DimensionU is accessible anywhere, anytime!


Teleport, Jetpack, Super speed and Super jump your way to the Tower of rings after answering a question! Answer correctly and you’ll be rewarded!


Collect fuel cells scattered throughout the map to increase the point value of your correct answers. But watch out–getting gooped will slow you down!


Challenge your opponents to an outer space racetrack where you’ll need the right answer and some serious gaming skills!


DimensionU curriculum is aligned to State and Common Core standards, and is divided among 8 distinct levels for both Math and Literacy. Each level provides access to grade appropriate content designed for students in grades 3 through 9.

The Teachers App

RTI Extra Help

“As a district, we are always looking for high level engagement platforms for students that are also rigorous enough to supplement our curriculum. Teachers use DimensionU as a way to differentiate instruction within the class and also in our RTI extra help sessions before school starts.”

Dawn Boyer / Byram Township (NJ)

Tutoring or Intervention

“I love using DimensionU with my students...for tutoring or intervention. I also like being able to assign different levels and/or tasks to students depending on what they need. And it doesn't hurt that my kids beg to play DimensionU.”

Stacy McGough / Garland ISD (TX)

Building Confidence

“DimensionU has had a positive impact on my students as it challenges them to push themselves to learn even more. It offers an avenue for struggling students, or those with special needs to build confidence in their math abilities.”

Courtney Huff / Rome City (NY)

Everyone Benefits

“My students love DimensionU and beg me to get on it! It's incredibly interactive. Everyone from struggling math students to our highest achievers benefit from using the program!”

Kristy Fisher / Hillsborough County (FL)

Afterschool and Summer Camps

“Students in our aftercare and summer camp programs love Dimension U. Teachers love that students are learning and practicing reading and math while enjoying the game. The tournaments held within our district are an especially fun aspect of the program.“

Sarah Haage / Broward County (FL)

Collaboration and Peer Support

“DimensionU’s academic video games is a zero-prep solution, with all the data a teacher needs for a quick re-teach to get kids back in the game. DimensionU builds agency for learning while enticing students to work hard on improving their skills. The interactive multiplayer options such as student teams, encourages collaboration and peer support. They’ll forget their learning . Intervention’s never been so easy.”

Sarah Williams / Butte County (CA)