Our Games

Our educational games platform for grades 3-9, provides a compelling context for students to develop core math and literacy skills; quickly moving them from practice to proficient.


Teleport, Jetpack, Super speed and Super jump your way to the Tower of rings after answering a question! Answer correctly and you’ll be rewarded!

How To Play

Step up to the terminal, solve a problem and receive a colored orb. Then storm the Tower and throw your orb at a ring to change it’s color. if you answered correctly and you hit the ring, you’ll score! Need help? …activate your instructional codes!

Bonus Points

The more correct answers you get in a row, the more bonus points you will earn. You can also earn bonus points by collapsing a group of 3 or more rings of the same color.

Travel Powers

Each colored orb contains it’s own travel power-up that will give you super powers when storming the tower.


Collect fuel cells scattered through the map to increase the point value of your correct answers. But watch out–getting gooped will slow you down!

How To Play

Collect the fuel cells scattered throughout the Arctic landscape. Collect 1 blue, 1 green, 1 red and 1 yellow fuel cell for 50 points each. Once you’ve collected 1 or more fuel cells you can run up to a question terminal to solve a problem. Correct answers are awarded fuel cell points as well as a goop refill.

Bonus Points

Once you’ve collected 1 fuel cell of a given color (blue, red, green, yellow), the remaining fuel cells convert into purple bonus fuel cells (5 points each).

Goop Soaker

You can goop your opponent to freeze them in place and clone their fuel cells for yourself.

Cleansing Agent

If you’ve been gooped, use your cleansing agent to answer a question. If you answer correctly, and in time, you’ll not only regain your freedom, you’ll also score points!


Challenge your opponents to an outer space racetrack where you’ll need the right answer and some serious gaming skills!

How To Play

Velocity is a footrace with a twist. You’ll run, jump, fly, tumble and turn as you race to the finish line ... But stay alert! Your opponents may have dropped power-ups on the track! Master both the curriculum and the course to ensure you make it to the finish line before your rivals!

Travel Powers

Each answer you submit will grant you a travel power that you’ll need to overcome the next obstacle.

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